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Latex Tubing (Surgical Tubing) - Uses of Surgical Tubing

Uses of Latex Rubber Tubing

  • Overview:

    • Surgical tubing is made from latex and comes in a variety of diameters and thicknesses. While surgical tubing is designed for use in medical applications, its flexibility, gripping power and elasticity has made it popular in other applications as well. From water sports to children's toys, surgical tubing is used for many things outside the hospital.

  • Medical:

    • The medicinal uses of surgical tubing include catheters, feeding or draining tubes, irrigation during surgical procedures and tourniquets. Surgical tubing is also used in conjunction with surgical equipment, like fluid suction tools, or in drips. Surgical tubing needs to be able to withstand a variety of conditions and is one of the most durable and versatile kinds of tubings, which is why it is so popular outside of the medical field as well.

  • Fishing:

    • Latex rubber tubing is used to make homemade lures, as well as for tying and securing equipment on the boat. Because of its flexibility, surgical tubing replicates the swimming action of a fish when it is submerged; this also makes it particularly well-suited for making rubber eel lures. Usually a fishing jig head is attached to the end of the surgical tubing for a homemade lure.

  • Scuba Diving:

    • Latex rubber tubing is in common supply at most scuba diving equipment stores. It is used primarily in the place of rope, as its elasticity and grip, coupled with its strong fastening that releases quickly, make it perfect for use in water. Latex rubber tubing is used to tie on extra equipment like a spare pair of goggles, a compass, pressure reader or any number of other loose items attached to scuba gear for use when diving.

  • Toys and Hobbies:

    • Surgical tubing is popularly used to make rubber band-powered toys - while rubber bands stretch, become brittle and eventually break, surgical tubing has all of the elasticity and far less of the fragility. Rubber band-powered toy boats and cars commonly utilize surgical tubing instead. Toy catapults also utilize surgical tubing. One of the most common uses of surgical tubing in kids toys is for making sling shots. The most important aspect of the surgical tubing in this application is that it can be stretched quite extensively, yet still retain its original length when limp..

  • Exercising:

    • Exercising with latex tubing has become more and more populear. The resistance offered by stretching a piece of latex bands or tubes can aid in the strengthening of many muscle groups.

  • Archery:

    • The making of peep sights on bows is another use of latex tubing.

  • Doll Repair:

    • When cut into thin bands latex tubing is used in place of rubber bands to connect the arms, head and torso on dolls. The stretching enables the doll parts to be placed in different positions.

  • Spear Gun:

    • Latex tubing is used to make spear gun bands.

  • Glass Making:

    • Latex tubing is used in glass blowing.

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CAUTION: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.


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