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Latex Tubing (Surgical Tubing) - About Our Website

Latex-Tubing.Com - About Our Website

  • Overview:

    • Welcome to Latex-Tubing.Com. We have been selling latex rubber tubing on the web for two years now. One thing we have learned is that people refer to the latex rubber tubing they need in different ways. Some will say "I need surgical tubing with an inside diameter of 1/8 inch". Others will say "I need a thin wall latex tubing". Still others will say they need a rubber tubing with an outside diameter of 1/2 inch. One of the pitfalls of the internet is that it is very difficult to have an interactive conversation with someone. So, we have to anticipate the needs of everyone and present a website where anyone can find what they're looking for. That was the thinking behind our design: to answer everyone's questions about the latex rubber tubing they need. We present our latex tubing (surgical tubing, rubber tubing ...) by each of the 3 sizes that define a piece of tubing: Inside Diameter, Wall Thickness and Outside Diameter.

      In addition, we present our tubing ordered by the way we offer our products. Below is a brief overview of the major navigation tabs and the types of web pages you will find in each section.

  • Check Us Out:

    • It is under this heading where you can learn about Latex-Tubing.Com and the people behind it. In addition to our Home Page, there is a page dedicated to our story (About Us) as well as a Contact Us page. One page that should definitely be viewed is Our Policies. It is here where you will garner important information about how we ship, our refund policy and other ways we service our customers.

  • Product Offering:

    • Under our Product Offering Tab, you will see Tubing By The Foot, By 10 Foot Rolls, By 25 Foot Rolls as well as by the Reel and by the Box. We have just added two new product categories under our Product Offering tab: Bulk Tubing and Non Stocked Boxes and Reels.

  • Inside Diameter:

    • By itself Inside Diameter is not enough information to define the dimensions of latex tubing. If you look under the Inside Diameter tab you will see a list of tubing we sell with a certain Inside Diameter. You will notice in all but one case we offer many sizes of tubing for one Inside Diameter. In the case of 1/8" I.D., we offer tubings for 5 different wall thicknesses. The way we distinguish one size from another is with the I.D. plus the wall thickness. When you drill down to the pages you will see the size represented by the I.D. x Wall (example: 1/16 x 1/32)

  • Outside Diameter:

    • As with Inside Diameter, we offer tubing in many different Outside Diameters and like I.D., there are many different sized tubings that share the same Outside Diameter. As an example, we have 3 different sizes of tubing all which have an O.D. of 5/8". How we distinguish one size tubing from another within O.D. is by displaying the I.D. x Wall just as we did with I.D.

  • Wall Thickness:

    • The number of Wall Thicknesses we offer isn't as large as the number for I.D. or O.D. However, each size has more choices. In the case of a 1/16" wall, we currently have 7 different sizes. Here we show the different sizes of each Wall Thickness by showing the I.D. x Wall .(

  • Product Information:

    • Under our Product Information tab, we attempt to provide more information about the tubing we sell. We show you how to measure a piece of tubing by Inside Diameter, Wall Thickeness and Outside Diameter. There is also a page dedicated to the technical specifications of our latex tubing. We also have a Sizing Chart which shows each size we offer versus the size of a dime. Additionally, we have a page dedicated to the Uses of Latex Tubing as well as a page dedicated to how to distinguish exercise tubing.

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CAUTION: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.


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